The Runners High™ was conceived by two professionals who understand the importance of the proper athletic footwear and the correct fit for every type of physical activity from fitness walking and exercising to competitive running and the most demanding triathlon. We are totally dedicated to helping our customers get the most enjoyment and best performance out of the activities they love.

Bruce R. Wilk, P.T., O.C.S.

Bruce Wilk began running in 1972. Running has provided balance in his life and influenced many of the other great decisions he has made through the years. His commitment to running has only grown stronger with time and has intertwined with both professional and nonprofessional aspects of his life.

Bruce Wilk, Runners High Founder

Bruce  became a licensed physical therapist in 1981. Soon after graduating, he and his wife Sherry moved to Miami. Here they raised two daughters, Rachel and Tracy, and founded Orthopedic Rehabilitation Specialists, a hands-on therapy private practice like no other in Miami. Bruce treats many orthopedic conditions, from sprains and strains to frozen shoulders, but his true love is the treatment of running injuries. As he continued  running, he gained invaluable knowledge solely based on his personal running experience which he then incorporated into his physical therapy practice.

A lifelong runner and amateur triathlete himself, Bruce understands firsthand the importance of the right shoe and the right fit for any physical activity. When evaluating injured athletes, assessing shoe wear is essential. Frustrated by the realization that poor footwear is a contributing factor to many injuries, in 2000 Bruce opened a specialty running store, The Runners High, located in the Suniland shopping center.  His in-depth inspection of running shoes revealed an increasing incidence of manufacturing defects that can lead to new injuries or aggravate existing ones. These defects usually go unnoticed. When someone is buying new athletic footwear, it has become standard procedure in his practice to counsel Bruce's patients regarding the quality of the footwear they rely on. The Runners High is a natural evolvement of Bruce’s dedication to helping athletes perform at their highest level possible.

Bruce Wilk has pursued his passion, not only in love, but in life. He’s doing what he does best.

Byron Kibort

Byron Kibort has been a retail footwear specialist for almost twenty years in Pinecrest, the home of The Runners High. When Bruce Wilk envisioned a new type of running store for the community, Byron was the ideal partner for the venture.

Byron Kibort, Runners High Founder

Byron wants everyone to experience the new family-oriented store as “a total running store for the whole family”. The Runners High is all about athletic footwear, apparel and accessories for people of all ages and all levels of fitness. He is passionate about training his staff and passing on his knowledge to them so they’ll share his commitment to service and customer satisfaction. Byron’s knowledge of the shoe business is an invaluable asset in the one-on-one gait assessment and personalized shoe fitting process. His motto is, “We don’t care how long it takes to help you find your perfect shoe.”

Today, Byron is assisting the young children of customers he has known personally since they were kids themselves. And, his own love of running drives him to see that everyone gets as much out of their chosen activity as he does.

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All Our Running Shoes are
Biomechanically and Quality Tested then Selected by Miami Physical Therapist and Running Coach, Bruce R. Wilk, P.T., O.C.S.


The Runners High offers MUCH MORE than just name-brand, top-quality running shoes,apparel and accessories for exercise, walking, leisure, sports, triathletes, marathon runners and other athletes in Miami-Dade and South Florida.